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About Feedzaa

What is this all about?

Feedzaa is an online marketplace for fresh, homecooked food in your neighbourhood

In Leeds, Wakefield, Birmingham, Solihull, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and more.

Back in 2019, us co-founders of Feedzaa were looking to address a personal need for access to good quality, healthy, homecooked food while we were busy tending to newborns in our families. Starting from there, we quickly realised it wasn’t just our personal quirk. Loads of others had similar needs – working couples, busy families, travelling professionals and so on.

A quick community-scan showed there were enough passionate cooks around who loved to feed people, and yearned to be celebrated.

The penny dropped, and thus, HomeCuisine was born in Leeds in late 2019, on an experimental basis. The app was an instant success in the small communities where it was launched, leading to expansions to Wakefield and Halifax in a couple of months.

2020 brought along work-from-home lifestyles that made everyone go crazy trying to juggle work, kids, school, Teams/Zoom and scary numbers on the daily news. HomeCuisine’s services expanded rapidly in this time as busy professionals tried to stay up-to-speed with work and life in general.

On the back of the resounding positivity we had from customers and HomeChefs of HomeCuisine alike, we discovered that our service was bringing the community closer. It was connecting people. At a time when it meant a lot.

That’s when we decided to dream bigger and give it our all.

As Feedzaa.

With an all new suite of systems to help Feedzers (HomeChefs) and Foodeez alike.

We have an active presence in Leeds and Wakefield, and are looking to expand to newer areas in summer ’21: Birmingham, Solihull, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. If your place is not on the list and you are interested, do reach out to us at hey@feedzaa.com!

Our view

What do we stand for?

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The beauty of nature

All cultures are beautiful and have their own flavours. And we would like to (quite literally) taste them all! What better way is there to get to know someone than through food?
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Authenticity and honesty

We are simple, straight forward people. Your friends in your community.
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The power of the community

We believe in the power of connected people. The community has got the needs, and the solutions.Feedzaa is a simple bridge in this equation.
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Healthy, fresh food for all

Everyone, no matter their culture or dietary requirements, should have access to healthy, quality, homecooked food.


How does it work

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1. Register with us

We will help you with all the statutory processes - registration with the council, food safety and hygiene certification, allergen awareness, the works! And if we like you, we might also do an audit of your kitchen. Registration fees - £20 for practising HomeChefs, and £30 for new starters.
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2. Choose your subscription model

Decide how much help you want from our platform, and pay us accordingly. Simple options depending on whether you are a practising HomeChef or a new one.
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3. Dress up your shopwindow

Create your Feedzer profile - which is what customers will see when they look you up on the app. List your signature dishes and upload drool-worthy photos.
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4. Schedule and sell

Schedule your menu for the coming days and weeks, and indicate how much notice you need for orders. Also decide whether you are happy to deliver, or is it collection only.
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5. Gossip!

Engage with our wider community of Feedzers and Foodeez and see what’s cooking (he he) in the community. Through a food-chatter page within the comfort of our app.
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6. Access to toolkits

If you choose our premium or pro subscriptions, our toolkits on quality, marketing and analytics will give you loads of support and ideas to grow your home business.


How we help you grow

If you are clever, smart, intelligent, kind and generous enough to choose our more expensive subscription options, you will get access to our toolkits.

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Selling food is serious business. And things can go wrong if one is not careful. “Anaphylactic shock” is fun to say, but the fun ends there. Our Quality toolkit offers our HomeChefs digital support to adhere to the Food Standards Agency’s prescriptions and guidelines. Apart from digital book keeping through a mobile app, you can also refresh your knowledge of food safety and hygiene with our fun training videos.
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We have a number of HomeChefs on board who turnover anywhere between £0 and £300 per week. Often, the difference between a successful Feedzer and one who cries into his/her pillows at night is marketing acumen. If you are not a natural marketer, our marketing toolkit might just give you a nudge on to the dark side of flaunting your wares! Learn how to get the best marketing mileage out of simple tools you have direct access to.
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Business Analytics

We are sitting on mountains of data. And we would be delighted if it helps you run your business better. Sustained business success depends on keeping one’s finger on the customer’s pulse constantly. And our dashboards might give you just the insight you need about your customers & sales, so you can serve them better.

So focus on doing what you love - cooking. We will help you with the peripherals of running the business.

Our subscription models for Feedzers (HomeChefs)

How much you will pay as a Feedzer (HomeChef)


Your questions answered

What is Feedzaa?

Feedzaa is a marketplace for buying and selling homecooked food. We connect certified & registered homechefs with foodies looking for fresh homecooked meals and bakes.

What can a registered chef do on Feedzaa?

A chef can list dishes for sale, schedule them for specific dates/meals, and receive custom requests in their respective city and area. If a chef decides to pay a small monthly fee for premium membership, they have access to greater support from the Feedzaa team and the ability to list more items!

How can a HomeChef choose the dishes / menu?

This is entirely up to them! However, it is a good idea to consider the cost and ease of making each item. Specific detail on how to list items through the app will be given once the HomeChef registers with Feedzaa.

Can I only sell what I list on the app?

Normally, when a foodie (buyer) checks the Feedzaa app, they select a city, delivery areas, pick, and add products (listed by chefs in that area) to the cart and place the order. However, our customers are not restricted by what items are on offer at the time and can also request chefs for items that they have previously listed. This sends the chef a notification who can then decide to accept or reject the request. This allows both our chefs and customers an added flexibility.

Can I cook only on Weekdays / Weekends or select the days I want to cook?

It is entirely up to the HomeChef to decide on days they wish to list their items. We have a range of HomeChefs on our platform – from those listing multiple dishes every day to those sticking to just a day a week. Whatever works for you!

How much notice would I gave for orders?

You decide for yourselves, for each dish. Some dishes may need a day of notice, while some others could be conjured up within minutes. You fix it for yourselves, and your customers will see it on the app before they place the order.

How is the food packed, does Feedzaa supply packaging material / containers?

Feedzaa HomeChefs are free to choose to procure packaging material / containers on their own, as long as they meet food safety standards. To help our HomeChefs, we have engaged Thali Outlet as our official packaging partner, who offer our HomeChefs a special discounted price for foodgrade packaging. Further details will be shared when you signup.

Who decides the cost per dish?

The cost of each dish is decided entirely by the HomeChef. We recommend considering a few important factors: cost of ingredients and packaging, your service fee, average market prices for the dish, and portion sizes. Browse through Feedzaa app to look at what other HomeChefs list at, and you will get an idea.

How will I get paid?

Our system includes a popular payment platform (Stripe) who collect money from our customers when they place their order and make it available to you and us in a few days. Depending on your membership choice, you can expect your earnings to reach your accounts once or twice a week.

Who delivers the food?

Feedzaa do not offer delivery services. Our mission is to celebrate cultures in the community through cuisines, and prefer that our HomeChefs form a personal rapport with their customers directly. Our HomeChefs can decide whether to offer a delivery service, and at what charge. The system allows you the ability to coordinate with the customer to organize delivery or pick-up.

How will Feedzaa help HomeChefs get customers?

Feedzaa have a growing userbase, and constantly invest in promotions and marketing campaigns to attract people to our apps. This will increase the customerbase our HomeChefs have access to. In addition, we also support our HomeChefs on their branding and marketing activities to enable greater sales.

How long will it take for me to start selling on Feedzaa?

If an incoming HomeChef has all requisite details, we are well prepared to be able to onboard them within 2-3 working days. Where an incoming HomeChef is looking to sell food for the first ever time, there are a number of steps in the process to ensure adequate training and compliance. This typically takes between 5 and 10 working days. The exact duration depends on how quickly the required steps are completed by the HomeChef, as per the guidance of our onboarding team.

Do we become an employee of Feedzaa?

No. By listing in Feedzaa, you do not become our employee. You remain an independent, home business that you are entirely in charge of. Feedzaa is simply a partner you engage to help you run your business smoothly.

What about food safety and hygiene?

As noted in the previous point, this is your home business, and so, you are accountable for your own food safety and hygiene practices. To make life easy for you, we offer an optional quality toolkit that includes digital bookkeeping and training support to refresh your memory from time to time. And it has worked so far. Not boasting or anything, but all inspected Feedzers so far have secured a hygiene rating of 5. Just saying.

I have never run any business so far. Can I do it?

Why not? For most of our Feedzers, this has been their first ever business venture. Our support structure and our friendly Feedzer community will help you get to grips with running a business.

Do we have to sign any contracts?

Yes, you will have to agree to our standard terms and conditions to be welcomed into the platform. These will be shared with you before you make the decision to join, and do not worry – most of our Ts and Cs are written in plain English for easy understanding. And we are happy to clarify any questions you may have before you decide to accept the terms.

What if I do not wish to continue after I signup? Will I be penalised?

You can decide to terminate your contract with us with just one month’s notice. As simple as that. There are no penalties. Further details on these are available on our terms and conditions.

Do Feedzaa guarantee sales?

As a marketplace, Feedzaa offer you an easy way to reach out to customers – drawing on our userbase of 1000s of users, alongside your regular clientele. However, we cannot guarantee sales as it depends on your location, customer preferences in your neighbourhood, your cuisine of specialization and demand for it locally, competition in the area etc. What we can guarantee is that we will offer you a range of support services so you do not wage a lonely battle – we will help you in the process.

Is there a standard quantity that needs to be served?

You decide as the HomeChef on your quantity / portion sizes / servings size etc. However, it is important to clearly specify the quantity in your listing so that customers are well informed before they choose to buy from you. Further details on quantity descriptions will be shared as part of the onboarding process.

Where is Feedzaa’s office located?

Feedzaa Limited is a company registered with the Companies House, and are headquartered in Leeds, U.K.

How can I contact Feedzaa?

We are working on building a round-the-clock helpdesk. Meanwhile, you can reach us over email on hey@feedzaa.com, and phone through your nominated account manager.


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