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About Feedzaa

What is this all about?

Feedzaa is an online marketplace for fresh, homecooked food in your neighbourhood

In Leeds, Wakefield, Birmingham, Solihull, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and more.

Back in 2019, us co-founders of Feedzaa were looking to address a personal need for access to good quality, healthy, homecooked food while we were busy tending to newborns in our families. Starting from there, we quickly realised it wasn’t just our personal quirk. Loads of others had similar needs – working couples, busy families, travelling professionals and so on.

A quick community-scan showed there were enough passionate cooks around who loved to feed people, and yearned to be celebrated.

The penny dropped, and thus, HomeCuisine was born in Leeds in late 2019, on an experimental basis. The app was an instant success in the small communities where it was launched, leading to expansions to Wakefield and Halifax in a couple of months.

2020 brought along work-from-home lifestyles that made everyone go crazy trying to juggle work, kids, school, Teams/Zoom and scary numbers on the daily news. HomeCuisine’s services expanded rapidly in this time as busy professionals tried to stay up-to-speed with work and life in general.

On the back of the resounding positivity we had from customers and HomeChefs of HomeCuisine alike, we discovered that our service was bringing the community closer. It was connecting people. At a time when it meant a lot.

That’s when we decided to dream bigger and give it our all.

As Feedzaa.

With an all new suite of systems to help Feedzers (HomeChefs) and Foodeez alike.

We have an active presence in Leeds and Wakefield, and are looking to expand to newer areas in summer ’21: Birmingham, Solihull, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. If your place is not on the list and you are interested, do reach out to us at!

Our view

What do we stand for?

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The beauty of nature

All cultures are beautiful and have their own flavours. And we would like to (quite literally) taste them all! What better way is there to get to know someone than through food?
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Authenticity and honesty

We are simple, straight forward people. Your friends in your community.
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The power of the community

We believe in the power of connected people. The community has got the needs, and the solutions.Feedzaa is a simple bridge in this equation.
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Healthy, fresh food for all

Everyone, no matter their culture or dietary requirements, should have access to healthy, quality, homecooked food.


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